Rules of the course

USGA rules will govern play. except where local rules apply. Please avoid slow play. Play ready golf. Keep pace with the group ahead of you. Hole out, don't mark ball unneccessarily. Clear green, mark your score on the next green. Each player must have their own set of clubs and golf bag. Two players per cart only. Keep your cart on the paths on Par 3 holes. The Check in with the pro shop before you or your group head out to play. 90 degree rule on Par 4 and 5 holes applies. Course Marshall will implement courtesy rules. Proper attire must be worn at all times. Players are reminded to repair their ball marks, and if you have a bit of extra time please remove other ball damage you find.

The most important rules that we have around here are:

Treat our wildlife with the respect they deserve, you are playing a game where they live.

Play safely with consideration for other golfers.

Have fun. : )

Read all the USGA rules of play by clicking here
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